Plusminus studio is a creative consultancy and graphic playground run by Armel Bellec and Tomas Clarkson. We work across various mediums and for a wide-range of clients, from world-famous record labels to local start-ups. We use a concept-driven approach to our work, believing that conceptual foundations allow our clients image to stand the test of time.

Plusminus Studio
Anzengruberstrasse 12, 12043 Berlin
+49 (0) 1525 7348037

Selected Clients
Hyperdub, Sony Classical, Universal Germany, Klarna, RCKT, 
Commerzbank, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Berghain, Melitta, Montblanc



Plusminus GbR

Anzengruberstrasse 12, 12043 Berlin

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Let's create something beautiful together.

Armel Bellec

+49 172 3878197

Tomas Clarkson

+49 152 57348037

Plusminus Studio
Anzengruberstrasse 12
12043 Berlin